Hirondelle (Manufrance) 1890-1891

The problem with restored bicycles is, you can't see what parts are original and what parts are copies or taken from other bikes. Such is the case with this Hirondelle.
I can't find it in the Hirondelle catalogues I have (1889 and 1892), so it must be the 1890-1891 model. Look at the pictures. I guess parts like front brake, mudguards and front hub are taken from other bikes. But what about the cranks, the rear hub and rims? I just don't know. If you are searching for original Hirondelle-details, just look at frame, front fork, handlebars and brake lever.
But the ensemble makes a nice early diamond framed safety, and the owner rides it very frequent, even on longer distances. And that's a good thing, even if it's not so original.